We are a creative team, with the aim of working on great projects, and we do our best to create beautiful work for our clients.

How We Work

Fundamental way in which we operate

Team Work

Meet the creative jozoor team

Mohamed Abd El-Halim

Founder / Web Developer

Web developer interested in all that is new in the world of the Web, and trying always to learn all the new techniques in my field, and I love the very experience of projects new web of ideas characteristic, for which benefited a scientific and practical, and trying always to offer the best we can to work in order to become Jozoor of a large company.

Ahmed Abd El-Halim

Branding / Web Designer

Designer brands and Web, creator of the high taste in design, is very interested in new ideas in providing strong brands, consistently grown its capabilities and is always trying to provide any of the design is dazzling, passionate design and photography.